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Anonymous asked:

Do you know how many french fries can fit in a bottle?

itsthatonemexicanguy answered:

I don’t know who you are, but I’ll pretend this is a serious question because I have nothing else to do.

According to a research held at the Massachisetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under the direction of the Hamburger University, the average fry length in a McDonald’s french fry order is of 58.9 millimeters, with a standard deviation of 26.11 millimeters.

The container that was bought for the study had 107 fries, and each of them were measured and the results were recorded.

The volume of the average fry is (if we suppose all fries are a perfect rectangular prism) 352.4 cubic millimeters. If the fries were liquified, in a 600 milliliter bottle, about 1702.61 fries would fill it to the top.

But of course, fries are not liquified, so let’s remove some.

Final answer: 1680 average McDonald’s fries can fit in a 600 milliliter bottle.


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